Premises Liability – Negligent Snow/Ice Removal

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Injuries from falling on ice in Bristol County, Personal Injury Lawsuit

If you or a loved one has been injured due to negligent snow or ice removal, contact the Law Offices of Aleixo and Murray P.C. As Taunton, Massachusetts, premises liability attorneys, we have the comprehensive knowledge of personal injury lawsuits and extensive trial experience that is integral in recovering maximum compensation.

Recent changes to long-standing Massachusetts law have made property owners and commercial business owners legally responsible for shoveling and treating snow and ice around their homes and businesses. If safe walkways and entrances are not maintained, especially during inclement weather, the property owner could be held liable for injuries and damages.

Injuries From Falling on Ice in Bristol County

Many sidewalks and walkways are owned by the city in urban areas. Still, responsibility for their upkeep could fall on individual business and property owners due to specific ordinances. Injuries such as knee sprains, dislocated joints, low back injuries, compression fractures in the lower spine, fractures and hip breaks can all happen as a result of negligent snow and ice removal.

Supermarket parking lots, store entrances, city-owned areas and residential homes are expected to be cleared within reasonable timeframes. If a store opens at 8 a.m., it is reasonable to expect the entrance and parking lot are safely cleared of dangerous snow and ice accumulation before opening. Making note of specific details like the time of the event and conditions can help build a strong case for compensation.

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If you have suffered an injury, be sure to take a photograph of snow and ice conditions or gather contact information from witnesses of the event. It is also important to inform store managers, homeowners or other property owners and get names of any ambulance attendants and police officers, if possible. You are more likely to get the compensation you deserve when thorough information is provided.

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