An Established Taunton, Massachusetts Law Firm
Providing Free Consultations For Personal Injury
An Established Taunton, Massachusetts Law Firm Providing Free Consultations For Personal Injury

Were You Injured On Dangerous Premises?

Aleixo and Murray

There are many possible scenarios potentially leading to premises liability cases:

  • Slipping on foreign material on the floor of a supermarket or business
  • Tripping and falling on uneven stairs or stairs that have either no handrail or a handrail that is not up to code
  • Being injured by falling merchandise in a store
  • Being injured by store employees

Get Legal Advice And Help Now

At the Law Offices of Aleixo and Murray, P.C., in Taunton, Massachusetts, our lawyers offer a free initial consultation for people who have been injured in stores, businesses, parking lots, sidewalks and other places outside the home.

Massachusetts premises liability law is complex. For example, if you walk into a supermarket and slip on ice near the door, or on the contents of a jar of jelly that had fallen to the floor and broken, your case may depend on how long that ice or jelly had been there. If the ice accumulation was recent or if the jar had just broken, you will likely lose the case, no matter how severely you were injured. However, if the ice or jelly had been on the ground or floor for an extended period of time, your lawyer can show negligence on the part of the premises owner for not cleaning it up.

Contact An Experienced Premises Liability Lawyer

Our lawyers handle all types of premises liability cases. We successfully represented a woman who was injured at a national retail store when a store employee pushed a cart into her heel and knocked her down. The accident caused leg lacerations as well as neck and back injuries to our client. We also recovered compensation for a woman who was injured in a store when a 40-pound bag of dog food fell on her and damaged the cartilage in her knee.

Work With An Established Premises Liability Law Firm That Takes Cases To Trial

To receive the maximum compensation in any premises liability case, your attorney has to be willing to try it. Trying cases is something the Law Offices of Aleixo and Murray, P.C., has done successfully, time and time again, for clients in Taunton and neighboring communities. We handle all premises liability cases on a contingency fee basis, which means there are no attorneys’ fees unless we make a recovery for you.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, you must act quickly to protect your rights. If possible, help yourself first by:

  • Collecting witness names
  • Taking photographs (if possible)
  • Immediately contacting the Taunton, Massachusetts, premises liability lawyers at the Law Offices of Aleixo and Murray, P.C.

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