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An Established Taunton, Massachusetts Law Firm Providing Free Consultations For Personal Injury

Help And Advice For People Injured In Bicycle Accidents

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A bicycle accident may have left you with medical bills to pay and a long rehabilitation process ahead of you. Located in Taunton, Massachusetts, bike accident lawyers at the Law Offices of Aleixo and Murray, P.C., can help you recover compensation for damages and injuries.

Why Do Bicycle Crashes Happen?

Bicyclists have rights to roadways that are similar to other vehicles. By not properly sharing the road, frustrated motorists who are unfamiliar with rules and regulations can cause serious injuries to bicyclists.

If you have suffered an injury, such as head trauma, neck injuries, fractures and broken bones, rotator cuff injuries, scars or catastrophic injuries, take the necessary steps to protect yourself and build a case for compensation.

  • Gather contact information from witnesses and people involved in the accident.
  • Take photos of damages and injuries.
  • Avoid making statements regarding the accident until you have contacted an experienced attorney at our firm.

Protect Yourself Through Education About Laws — And By Understanding Bicycle Accidents

Comparative negligence rules apply to bicycle accident cases in Massachusetts. If negligent behavior exhibited by both a bicyclist and another motorist contributed to the accident, compensation recovery could be more difficult. You can help protect yourself from being at fault by following traffic laws, using caution when passing vehicles and remaining alert of your surroundings.

Severe accidents can occur on both city roadways and residential sidewalks where traffic laws exist for and apply to both motor vehicles and pedestrians. Often a bicycle and motor vehicle are traveling in the same direction and a motor vehicle driver turns into or cuts off a bicyclist, causing serious injuries and damages.

Sources Of Compensation For Medical Bills And More

Depending on the circumstances surrounding your bicycle accident, the at-fault party’s automobile insurance could cover a large portion of lost wages, medical bills, ambulance fees, bicycle replacement services and wrongful death claims. Homeowners insurance could also be involved if the accident was caused by negligent behavior on another person’s property.

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