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Taunton Massachusetts Personal Injury Lawyers

At the Law Offices of Aleixo and Murray P.C., our injury lawyers have an extensive understanding of Massachusetts injury laws and other areas that affect your life. We will explain your rights in an easy-to-understand manner, as well as lay out all of the options available to you.

For more information about your case, please contact our Massachusetts law firm online for a consultation.

Bristol County Tractor Trailer and Car Accident Attorneys

Massachusetts is a no-fault auto insurance state. Most people are unaware of what this means and how it affects their ability to collect compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages. If you have been injured in a car accident, our lawyers offer a free initial consultation to explain your coverage and different options.

Motorcycle Accidents in Massachusetts

Motorcycle accidents are almost always the fault of the other driver. The most common type of collision happens when the driver of a car or truck makes a left hand turn in front of a motorcycle. After the accident, the at-fault driver almost always says that he or she "did not see the motorcyclist."

Our Taunton law firm also assists individuals who have lost loved ones in catastrophic accidents. In wrongful death cases, there often is inadequate insurance to compensate family members of the victim. Our lawyers are experienced in searching out the maximum amount of coverage to pay for your loss.

Nursing Home Negligence and Pharmacy Negligence Cases

It's not unusual for an elderly person to fall and injure themselves in a nursing home. If your loved one has fallen repeatedly or has unexplained bruising, however, do not hesitate to consult with a knowledgeable nursing home abuse lawyer.

Our experienced team also pursues claims against pharmacists and pharmacies that provide incorrect prescriptions which can lead to serious consequences.

Premises Liability

Massachusetts premises liability law is complex. For example, if you walk into a supermarket and slip on the contents of a jar of jelly that had fallen to the floor and broken, your case may depend on how long the jelly had been on the floor. If the jar had just broken, you will lose the case every time, no matter how severely you were injured. However, if the jelly had been on the floor for an extended period of time, your lawyer can show negligence on the part of the premises owner for not cleaning it up.

We also handle animal attacks that can occur anywhere and construction accidents that occur on the job or while walking through a construction site. At the Taunton, Massachusetts Law Offices of Aleixo and Murray P.C., our lawyers offer a free initial consultation to explain your rights.

Workers' Comp

Massachusetts workers' compensation laws are extremely complex. During your first 180 days of benefits, the insurance company can "pay without prejudice." This means that they can stop paying you at any time without getting the approval of the Massachusetts Division of Industrial Accidents (DIA). If you are denied benefits, you should retain a lawyer and file a claim with the Massachusetts Division of Industrial Accidents immediately.

Wills and Estates and Business Incorporation

Our lawyers draft wills and other estate planning documents for clients in Taunton and neighboring communities throughout Massachusetts. We also represent people who have been named the administrator or executor of a deceased person's estate in probate proceedings.

If you have a small business and need incorporation assistance or sound legal advice involving contracts, our team will be by your side to help.

Criminal Law

We protect individuals' rights when they are charged with crimes such as operating under the influence (OUI).

Free Consultation for Personal Injury Cases: Contact the Taunton, Massachusetts, personal injury attorneys at the Law Offices of Aleixo and Murray P.C.

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