About The Attorney And The Law Practice

The Law Offices of Aleixo and Murray, P.C., is a full-service law firm serving clients in the areas of personal injury of all types, workers' compensation, probate and civil litigation. We have experience in every level of state and federal trial courts.

Our Lawyer

The management of the firm is under the direction and supervision of attorney John T. Murray, Esquire, who possesses high academic credentials and more than 35 years of experience in the legal field. The staff is composed of an office administrator, and experienced secretaries and paralegal personnel.

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Our Location

From offices at 12 Taunton Green, Suite 201, in Taunton, Massachusetts, our firm welcomes people with a variety of legal concerns. Our office is located in a renovated, updated, historical office building in the city center, one block from the superior, probate and district courts, and the Registry of Deeds.

Our Practice Areas

Learn about our law practice through information provided throughout this website on topics like:

  • Personal injury representation: We help people hurt in accidents recover compensation. We conduct investigations, gather evidence and prepare every case for trial. Many cases do go before a judge. We also settle many because claims adjusters and other legal opponents know we are prepared to take arguments to courtrooms if necessary.
  • Car and truck accidents: Massachusetts is a no-fault auto insurance state. Most people are unaware of what this means and how it affects their ability to collect compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages. We offer a free initial consultation to explain your coverage and different options after a crash.
  • Motorcycle collisions and bicycle wrecks: These crashes are very often the fault of other motorists. The most common type of accident happens when the driver of a car or truck makes a left-hand turn in front of a motorcycle. After the accident, the at-fault driver almost always says that he or she "did not see the motorcyclist."
  • Workers' compensation: Massachusetts workers' compensation laws are extremely complex. During your first 180 days of benefits after a construction accident or other workplace injury, the insurance company can "pay without prejudice." This means that they can stop paying you at any time without getting the approval of the Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents (DIA). If you are denied benefits, you should retain a lawyer and file a claim with the Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents immediately.
  • Premises liability: In Massachusetts, premises liability laws are complex. For example, if you walk into a supermarket and slip on ice and snow in front of the doorway or on the contents of a jar of jelly that had fallen to the floor and broken, your case may depend on how long the ice had been there or the jelly had been on the floor. We handle dangerous premises cases and animal attacks, which can occur anywhere.
  • Nursing home negligence and pharmaceutical injury cases: It's not unusual for an elderly person to fall and injure themselves in a nursing home. If your loved one has fallen repeatedly or has unexplained bruising, however, do not hesitate to consult with a knowledgeable nursing home abuse lawyer.
  • Wrongful death claims: Our Taunton law firm also assists individuals who have lost loved ones in catastrophic accidents. In wrongful death cases, there often is inadequate insurance to compensate family members of the victim. Our lawyers are experienced in searching out the maximum amount of coverage to pay for your loss.
  • Criminal law: We protect individuals' rights when they are charged with crimes such as operating under the influence of drugs or alcohol (OUI).
  • Business law: Our lawyer helps entrepreneurs establish new businesses.
  • Estate planning and probate: We draft wills, trusts and powers of attorney, and advise people who have been named the administrator or executor of a deceased person's estate in probate proceedings.

Our Objective: Meeting Clients' Needs

Our firm provides timely and efficient services, focusing on each client's background, needs and goals. We aim to provide clear and prompt communication.

Schedule a consultation by calling 508-203-4321 or 800-416-2667, or send an email for a prompt response. Initial consultations about personal injury cases are free.